WeChat-based Three Good Things (3GT) – Positive Psychotherapy

WeChat-based Three Good Things (3GT) - Positive Psychotherapy

Aim: To evaluate the effects of a WeChat-based "Three Good Things" on job performance and self-efficacy of clinical nurses with burnout symptoms.

Background: Few studies have valued the impact of nurses' personal strengths and positive work environment on job performance, particularly in developing countries.

Methods: A randomized controlled trial. The intervention group (n = 33) participated in WeChat-based Three Good Things, while the control group (n = 40) did not. Data were collected prior to and immediately after the intervention. WeChat, a popular social software, provides several communicating and recording functions.

Results: The main intervention effects and interactions between time and intervention on job performance and self-efficacy were significant (each p < .05). The main time effects on self-efficacy were also significant (p < .05). The post-intervention scores for job performance and self-efficacy between the two groups were statistically different (each p < .05). The scores for job performance and self-efficacy of the intervention group were statistically different before and after the intervention (each p < .05).

Conclusion: Three Good Things could significantly improve job performance and self-efficacy of nurses with burnout.

Implications for nursing management: Nurse managers are recommended to include Three Good Things into their management systems to improve nurses' physical and mental health and work outcomes over the long term.

Rank: 66
First Author: Guo
Outcome: Work Functioning,Self-Efficacy
Outcome p-value: Work Functioning:⭑⭑⭑, Self-Efficacy:⭑
Intervention Category: Reflection and Relaxation
Time per Employee (hours): No time specified.
D&B Study Quality Rating: 14.5
Reviewer Confidence: 2.5
Country: China
Study Design Type: RCT
Materials Available to Implement: Intervention fully described in publication; plus participants were introduced to the WeChat software. Corresponding author: jpzhang1965@163.com.
Materials Available: yes
Organiz./Individ. Focus: Individual
Prevention Category: Primary,Secondary
Effect Size: Large
Effect size Small:
Effect size Medium:
Effect size Large: Work Functioning,Self-Efficacy
Reference: Guo, Yu‐Fang, Louisa Lam, Virginia Plummer, Wendy Cross, and Jing‐Ping Zhang. “A WeChat‐based ‘Three Good Things’ Positive Psychotherapy for the Improvement of Job Performance and Self‐efficacy in Nurses with Burnout Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” Journal of Nursing Management 28, no. 3 (April 2020): 480–87. https://doi.org/10.1111/jonm.12927.