Workplace Mental Health Interventions in Healthcare

This portal is designed for healthcare systems to identify interventions to improve mental health in their workforce. The selection page contains descriptions of 118 interventions conducted in healthcare, presented with key details summarized for each and filters to allow you to select interventions that address topics most relevant to your workforce.

The Process

We conducted a systematic review of the peer reviewed and grey literature from the earliest publication date found in databases through March, 2022. Search terms for the target population (e.g., physicians, nurses, specialists), mental health-related outcomes (e.g., burnout, depression, anxiety), and type of intervention (e.g., training program, resource guide, app) were made intentionally broad to capture the widest range of publications addressing or preventing mental health issues among healthcare workers.

Articles meeting study inclusion criteria (viz., healthcare worker sample, use of intervention evaluation metrics/methods, and inclusion of at least one mental health-related outcome) were independently screened and rated by two of three authors based on an adapted version of the Downs & Black measure to assess study quality (D&B; Downs & Black, 1998), as well as a subjective single-item confidence rating derived from the GRADE protocol (Guyatt et al., 2008). Discrepancies of two or more points between raters were resolved through group discussion and consensus. The publication contains the PRISMA Diagram that depicts the number of articles reviewed and retained or discarded during the search is found in the publication.


Of the 5,158 articles screened, 118 interventions met our criteria for inclusion, and are presented in the selection page.

Source of information

W Kent Anger, PhD, Jennifer Dimoff, PhD, and Lindsey Alley, MS conducted the systematic review this website is based on. The basis for the data is found in this article:

Anger WK, Dimoff J, Alley L.  Addressing Healthcare Workers’ Mental Health: A Systematic Review of Evidence-based Interventions and Current Resources. American Journal of Public Health, 2024, 114(S2):S213-S226. 2024;114(S2):S213 S226.

Supplemental Tables:

The data in the website is drawn from the original research and the supplemental tables; the information in the website is not extracted from the article which provides summary conclusions about the data found in the literature search.  This has been disclosed to AJPH.

See the Funding and Disclosure page for further information and details.

Website Design and Funding

The website was designed by Dr. Anger and Henk van der Velden.  It was implemented by Henk van der Velden.


Downs, S. H., & Black, N. (1998). The feasibility of creating a checklist for the assessment of the methodological quality both of randomised and non-randomised studies of health care interventions. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 52(6), 377–384.

Guyatt, G. H., Oxman, A. D., Vist, G. E., Kunz, R., Falck-Ytter, Y., Alonso-Coello, P., & Schünemann, H. J. (2008). GRADE: An emerging consensus on rating quality of evidence and strength of recommendations. BMJ, 336(7650), Article 7650.