The recent worldwide COVID-19 outbreak provided a timely demonstration of the mental health needs of health care workers on the front lines of the response to the pandemic. In addition to international guidelines, local institutions demand rapid and practical approaches easily replicable in different populations and contests.

The principal aim of this paper is to highlight and share the experience of an Occupational Health Department responsible for monitoring hospital staff conditions during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic phase 1. The multidisciplinary team of the Occupational Health Department of a major university hospital in central Italy (AOUP) developed a specific protocol called PsicoCovid19 in order to provide targeted help, based on new psychosocial risk factors, to workers involved in the COVID-19 emergency to preserve hospital staff health.

As of the date of this report, 106 workers (79 female, 27 male, mean age respectively, 51 ± 9.8, 45.7± 10.1) requested this service, reporting mild to moderate subjective distress. Approximately 81% of all the participants were already monitored before the outbreak of the pandemic. Among the total sample, 60% received a remodeling of a previous therapeutic program. Meanwhile, 7% passed from a psychiatric therapy to a combination therapy with the addition of a psychological treatment.

The results demonstrate that those who asked for help were primarily female nurses who already presented with mental health vulnerabilities. A more gender-specific, clinical approach is needed.

Rank: 110
First Author: Buselli
Outcome: Depression,Anxiety,Intervention Experience
Outcome p-value: Depression:●, Anxiety:●, Intervention Experience:●
Intervention Category: Organizational and System-Level
Time per Employee (hours): No time specified.
D&B Study Quality Rating: 7
Reviewer Confidence: 2
Country: Italy
Study Design Type: Implementation
Materials Available to Implement: Protocol outlined in publication. Corresponding author: Lead author:
Organiz./Individ. Focus: Individual
Prevention Category: Secondary,Tertiary
Effect size Small:
Effect size Medium:
Reference: Buselli, R., Baldanzi, S., Corsi, M., Chiumiento, M., Del Lupo, E., Carmassi, C., Dell’Osso, L., & Cristaudo, A. (2020). Psychological Care of Health Workers during the COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy: Preliminary Report of an Occupational Health Department (AOUP) Responsible for Monitoring Hospital Staff Condition. Sustainability, 12(12), 5039.