Yoga and Music Intervention

Yoga and Music Intervention

Aim: To investigate impact of Yoga and Music Intervention on anxiety, stress, and depression levels of health care workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Methods: This study was conducted to assess psychological responses of 240 healthcare workers during COVID-19 outbreak. We used Yoga and Music Intervention in normal and abnormal subjects based on Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale-42 (DASS-42). Note: Intervention   time = 0.5 hours per day.

Results: Of all 209 participants, 105 (50.23%) had symptoms of depression (35.88%), anxiety (40.19), and stress (34.92%) alone or in combination. The data suggest that there is significant improvement in test scores after intervention. Majority of persons with abnormal score exhibited improved DASS-42 score on combined interventions of Yoga and music compared to control group. Even subjects without abnormalities on DASS-42 score also showed improved DASS-42 scores in intervention (n = 52) group compared to nonintervention (n = 52) group.

Conclusions: Our findings highlighted the significance of easily available, simple, inexpensive, safe nonpharmacological interventions like Yoga and Music therapy to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression in present times.

Rank: 80
First Author: Vajpeyee
Outcome: Stress,Depression,Anxiety
Outcome p-value: Stress:⭑⭑⭑, Depression:⭑⭑⭑, Anxiety:⭑⭑⭑
Intervention Category: Coping Skills Development,Mindfulness,Reflection and Relaxation
Time per Employee (hours): No time specified.
D&B Study Quality Rating: 13
Reviewer Confidence: 3
Country: India
Study Design Type: Quasi-experimental
Materials Available to Implement: Intervention outlined in publication. Participants supplied choices of the music, and the University Yoga Department provided training and exercises. Required 0.5 hours/day for an unspecified number of days (though final data were collected at 1 month). Further information from:
Organiz./Individ. Focus: Individual
Prevention Category: Secondary
Effect size Small:
Effect size Medium:
Reference: Vajpeyee, M., Tiwari, S., Jain, K., Modi, P., Bhandari, P., Monga, G., Yadav, L. B., Bhardwaj, H., Shroti, A. K., Singh, S., & Vajpeyee, A. (2021). Yoga and music intervention to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress during COVID-19 outbreak on healthcare workers. The International Journal of Social Psychiatry, gt5, 0374726, 207640211006742.